My name is Anthony Donohue, and I facilitate Body Dialogue on Social Concerns: a somatic inquiry and centring group process to examine and resource the body’s responses to societal challenges.

Made In loving memory to Anthony 


Social issues can contribute to disturbance and stress in our lives. To resolve and gain clarity on a social concern that's presently engaging us, we need to notice our personal affiliation with it and sense how we can be empowered to take action in the form of a specific intention.

What is Body Dialogue?

Body Dialogue is teaching us to work with a felt sense approach-internally and externally, grounding a seemingly overwhelming or convoluted issue. We use a clearing process to articulate the best use of one’s focus at this particular time and craft a resourceful response.



"Rest in Peace, Dear Anthony 

Let your presence bless us all!"

-Uri Noy Meir)


Anthony was a gentle and generous soul when I was able to experience his presence in my practice session. 

-Raquel Cabrieto)


" It was always a treat to share space with him. He was so kind, gentle, and deeply attuned"

-Kimberly Doley


He was a warm-hearted, like-minded soul. May his light continue to shine bright through his website and memories of those whose lives he touched.

-Shawna (Taranjoti) Starr


I hope Anthony can make his journey in peace and with courage. The short time I spent with him I could learn from his generosity and authenticity.

-Simranjeet Singh


May his Spirit relate and continue in all of us and our Spirits, in the ONENESS we really are.

-Siegfried Wien


I am so deeply saddened to hear that Anthony has passed...I know that he had so much more he wanted to share with the world.

-Natasha Sell


I wish him Godspeed, and peace to all who loved him and grieve his sudden loss. In the end, grief dissolves into love. 🙏❤️.

-Scott Plate


"I feel deeply blessed to have connected with Anthony, albeit it for a short time . It is a comfort to know Anthony’s work and poetry will live on supported by the many people who he inspired and helped in all walks of life .

-Fiona James


  • feel overwhelmed by global events with no end in sight.
  • wish to find ways to interact with the world at large in a more relevant way.
  • eager for embodied experiences to unpack what is ‘going on’ in the world.


  • To find a new approach to engage with societal issues
  • To craft a plan for action in connection to your ‘felt sense’
  • To receive support in this time of societal and global disruption.

More about Anthony 


Anthony presented groups on Body Dialogue and Social Issues in Massachusetts, California and Ireland. He has been a Focusing Trainer, working with founder Eugene Gendlin. He has written a notable essay as an article for the NY and London Times, that was mentioned in 2008 Best American Essays.

Anthony has worked as an individual and relational therapist, facilitated therapists and supervised interns in integrating the arts into the therapeutic process. He managed group programs for women and men dealing with addictions, AIDS, and transitioning from prison. 

Anthony has developed a body dialogue approach for acute pain patients at New England Rehab pain unit. He has participated in a peacekeeping mission to Leningrad with USS Leahy. He has facilitated environmental programs for John Seed, EAP and Greenpeace activists.

Anthony directed, wrote, produced plays and acted in the Boston area, and facilitated groups in Streatham, London with young adults on violence and communication and sound healing workshop in Machu Picchu.